Concussion Answers, Because There Are Answers!
Because Concussions Are TEMPORARY!

Concussion Treatments That Are Extraordinary, Comprehensive, And Effective

Concussion Answers are hard to come by.  Hundreds of thousands of doctors can tell you that you have a concussion but VERY FEW can help you heal your concussion.

Dr. Joanny has presented her findings and her clinical experience to enthusiastic audiences at the Harvard Club of Boston, Harvard Medical School, Mount Royal University and NASDAQ. She was awarded “Healing Visionary”  for her work at Concussion Answers.

She shared the stage with  Caitlyn Jenner about concussions and the importance of nonconformity in one’s health and well being. Dr. Joanny has also shared her message on FOX, NBC, CTV, and Global TV.

Every concussion is different. That’s why cookie-cutter “treatments” don’t work. And if you’ve had more than one, then you haven’t healed the first one yet! That’s why you need the special care that you can expect at

I asked a simple question of my clients, “Why did you choose me to work on your concussion?’

Hi Dr. Joanny,

There are two parts to my answer!

The first part is about Dryden:  Dryden’s 3rd concussion weighed heavily on Chris and I, as he wasn’t “bouncing back” the way he had (or appeared to have) with his previous concussions.  We desperately wanted him to be well again, and knew mainstream medicine didn’t have the answers.  Chris spent a lot of time researching vitamins and supplements which were recommended to help with concussions, and while we had started Dryden on them, we couldn’t tell if they were helping…and even if they were, it wasn’t fast enough!  And while it maybe wasn’t reasonable, there was also a heavy feeling of guilt on our part, as the game we allowed and encouraged him to play was in part the cause of this damage. (Now that I think about that, it’s funny how we didn’t feel guilty about sending him to school where his first concussion occurred in Language Arts class!)  Anyways, we wanted nothing more than to have our healthy, happy, active boy back, so when we were fortunate enough to have found you as a possible solution, we were excited about the incredible possibility.

The second part is about you:  While I was really hoping you would be able to help Dryden, I also cautioned myself not to blindly fall into anything, to be thoughtful about everything you presented to us.  As it turned out, my instincts immediately said I could trust you.  From our first video meeting, I felt you were kind, caring, genuine, honest, sincere, happy, intelligent, and confident in your knowledge.  You were clear in speaking, and while I didn’t understand specifically what your program would consist of, I had full trust in what you were seeing regarding Dryden’s recovery “and beyond”.  You provided options as to what level we could work together which was also appreciated.  I was also grateful we were meeting “visually” rather than just by phone, because I liked the way you look; you have a friendly and gentle look about you.  Also important, from the start Dryden felt comfortable with you, and I thought it was interesting that someone his age would connect so quickly to someone “older than his ancient parents”!

That’s my lengthy answer to your short question!

Have a great day!

Shelley Skaley

Hockey Mom

I think the main reason I chose to work with you was because you said that you could help me.

In my experience most doctors don’t tell you that they will help you. They just diagnose then they give you medicine. I think I needed to believe I could be helped.

Jeff Rosal

UX Designer