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Concussion Answers is where we ask you a lot of questions to diagnose your concussion. You see, telling you that you’ve got a concussion simply isn’t good enough. You already know what. Now you need to understand why your brain became so weakened that you got hurt. When you understand, when your doctor understands, then something concrete can be done to help you.

Are you able to work?

Are your losing income every day you can’t work?

Can you afford to live without that income?

Are you able to perform at your best?

Do you dislike the options that your doctors have pushed forward for you? Like taking anti-depressants when you’re NOT depressed?

Do you like being handicapped by a whacked-out brain?

How much more are you going to tolerate your whacked out brain?

Are you finally ready to do something concrete about healing your brain?

Healing is not a passive activity. Healing is work. It’s not having someone do something to you. It’s you using your brain properly to heal itself. At Concussion Answers, healing is and has to be a partnership. Between doctor and client.

We don’t do symptomatic treatment at Concussion Answers. We find out the root cause and then we help you solve your problem and get the outcome you want. Simple.

You want your life back? Then you must make a decision. Do things differently.

At Concussion Answers we show you what needs to be done to rewire your injured brain. Then you have the techniques to use for the rest of your life.

Here’s why people chose to work with Dr. Joanny Liu and receive their concussion answers.

Shelly and Chris Skaley chose me to work with their son’s concussion because:

“Hi Dr. Joanny,

“There are two parts to my answer!

“The first part is about Dryden:  Dryden’s 3rd concussion weighed heavily on Chris and I, as he wasn’t “bouncing back” the way he had (or appeared to have) with his previous concussions.  We desperately wanted him to be well again, and knew mainstream medicine didn’t have the answers.  Chris spent a lot of time researching vitamins and supplements which were recommended to help with concussions, and while we had started Dryden on them, we couldn’t tell if they were helping…and even if they were, it wasn’t fast enough! 

“And while it maybe wasn’t reasonable, there was also a heavy feeling of guilt on our part, as the game we allowed and encouraged him to play was in part the cause of this damage. (Now that I think about that, it’s funny how we didn’t feel guilty about sending him to school where his first concussion occurred in Language Arts class!)  Anyways, we wanted nothing more than to have our healthy, happy, active boy back, so when we were fortunate enough to have found you as a possible solution, we were excited about the incredible possibility.

“The second part is about you:  While I was really hoping you would be able to help Dryden, I also cautioned myself not to blindly fall into anything, to be thoughtful about everything you presented to us.  As it turned out, my instincts immediately said I could trust you.  From our first video meeting, I felt you were kind, caring, genuine, honest, sincere, happy, intelligent, and confident in your knowledge. 

“You were clear in speaking, and while I didn’t understand specifically what your program would consist of, I had full trust in what you were seeing regarding Dryden’s recovery “and beyond”.  You provided options as to what level we could work together which was also appreciated.  I was also grateful we were meeting “visually” rather than just by phone, because I liked the way you look; you have a friendly and gentle look about you.  Also important, from the start Dryden felt comfortable with you, and I thought it was interesting that someone his age would connect so quickly to someone “older than his ancient parents”!

“That’s my lengthy answer to your short question!

“Have a great day!”

And from Jeff Rosal:

“You told me that you could help me. The other doctors just started writing a prescription for me! I felt you really could help me.”

Are. You. Ready?

At you find out why your brain became so weakened that it became susceptible to a concussion. You see, a blow to the head doesn’t mean you’ll suffer from a traumatic brain injury. Post Concussion Syndrome is also not a life sentence.

You can see success stories here of past clients who made a full recovery.  

When was the last time you honestly felt well?

Confused? Headachy? Fatigued? Suffering From Anxiety Attacks That Wrack Your Mind And Body?

Tired of going from one therapist or doctor to another and another for EACH symptom? Getting inconsistent advice?

Meet me for your first consultation which is 30 minutes. The reason for this meeting is to find out if there’s a fit. We’ll be creating a very personal relationship, so you must feel comfortable working with Dr. Joanny Liu. The relationship matters. So hit the orange button below and let’s have a chat.

Fill out a form and after that, you can schedule a 30 minute free consultation. There is a consultation fee of $500USD to visit with Dr. Joanny Liu as she determines if you are a suitable candidate for her comprehensive program.

Then come to the meeting with any questions that you may have about working together on your issues.

There Is A BETTER Way

NO Two Concussions Are The Same. That is Why Cookie Cutter Methods Fail!

We’re very serious about this fact: Whatever caused you stress in your life prior to the concussion definitely affected your brain. And the truth is that having a concussion on top of that makes things worse.

Extraordinary concussion answers is not conventional wisdom.
ConcussionAnswers is not conventional wisdom.

What You Need Is A Step-by-step Protocol That Will Get You Back In The Game Of The Sport You Love Or Life.

We have the answers at Concussion Answers.

At Concussion Answers, We Don’t Manage Concussions.

We’re the only doctors treating PCS the way it should be done. We know why a brain gets weak. We’ll find out what happened in your unique case. Then we’ll know how to make it strong again.

Watch the testimonials by healed Concussion Answers clients who so generously and gratefully created their videos to tell you what it’s like to work with Dr. Joanny.

There is a consultation fee of $500USD to visit with Dr. Joanny Liu as she determines if you are a suitable candidate for her comprehensive program.

Nathan Deck’s Concussion Recovery Story

In a matter of a few weeks, he was back on the ice, helping to lead his team to victory. No more fear.

After helping his team move to the Premier Swedish Hockey League, Nathan Deck made another important decision. Now EVERYTHING has changed; his life has taken a direction he NEVER imagined!

Thank you for letting us help you at! We look forward to you MOVING forward and getting back in the game! You may also want to read about our Code of Ethics and Our Values.

There is a consultation fee of $500 to visit with Dr. Joanny Liu as she determines if you are a suitable candidate for her comprehensive program.




Remove Negativity

Remove negativity by doing this instead:

“Create a perfect, immaculate, impeccable, integrated, balanced, honest, innocent, beautiful mind… The reward for the relentless pursuit of this goal is freedom from ALL kinds of bondage: self doubt, shame, guilt, depression, worry and anxiety, frustration, anger, rage, hate, fear of failure, fear of inadequacy, false pride.”

~ Colin Hillstrom, from The Everlasting Secret.

Remove negativity. The only way out from out of this is to use our minds, in the most constructive way possible. Because it is TRUE that what we think is what we get.

Thoughts lead to our feelings/emotions. Which lead to our actions, which create the results that we get. And that’s how you know where your thoughts are most of the time, by the results you get.

By the way things turn out in your life.

So, time to change things up, if you REALLY want your life to change. The only way to do it is to replace your current pattern of thinking. You do that via repetition.  Because you remove negativity.

Just fill in your details and get this simple, but very effective tool to upgrade your mind and train your brain, too!

The downloaded file is named: 738017103.pdf  Please do a search for it, if you don’t find it immediately.

At this time you’ll also opt into my newsletter. Stay with it to get a unique information to get what you want out of life, learning what’s getting in the way of that, and also, the ways to reverse it!

The one and only thing that all great leaders throughout the ages agreed on, was that we are what we think,, that we create the life we want by what we think most of the time about.

They were right and a good place to start is by replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones, with feeling!  Sign up right now and receive this gift from us at!


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This concussion workbook contains the necessary elements for PCS treatment. This is not a book for managing a concussion. It contains a concussion protocol for a full recovery. Concussions Are Temporary! Don't wait. Don't merely read the book and put it aside. Don't merely agree with its contents. That won't make you well. Read it and follow the instructions. Get on with your life.
What makes this groundbreaking book about healing concussions different from every other concussion book on the market? In this book you will discover: Which foods slow down healing your brain and which ones speed it up How to direct your brain and tell it what you want. The ultimate secret to positive Brain Plasticity The 4 cornerstones to create brain health Using Dr. Joanny’s brain building skills in the book, anyone can heal their concussion on their own. Put your concussion in the past where it belongs.
The best advice that the best neurologists have for treating a concussion? REST! But recent studies have found that complete rest for days on end, doing nothing can actually prolong or make your symptoms worse. For SO many frustrated sufferers, that doesn't cut it, especially for those who end up with Post Concussion Syndrome, for years and even decades afterwards. But there's something you CAN do - things that your MD will never know! I've written an entire book about what you CAN do about your concussion.
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Code of Ethics

At, Dr. Joanny Liu’s Code of Ethics comes from three sources:

First from Hippocrates who said “Do NO harm.”  This is the most important promise that any physician AND medical worker can make to their clients and public at large.

Second from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) because I cannot deny how much being an engineer has shaped my life, for which I am VERY grateful:

All entrants into the profession are required to write an ethics exam as part of the certification process. I wrote mine in the early 1980s and was a practicing Professional Engineer for 24 years before leaving the field to study Traditional Chinese Medicine.


APEGA Code of Ethics

Professional engineers and geoscientists shall recognize that professional ethics is founded upon integrity, competence, dignity and devotion to service. This concept shall guide their conduct at all times.

Professional engineers and geoscientists shall, in their areas of practice, hold paramount the health, safety and welfare of the public and have regard for the environment.

Professional engineers and geoscientists shall undertake only work that they are competent to perform by virtue of their training and experience.

Professional engineers and geoscientists shall conduct themselves with integrity, honesty, fairness and objectivity in their professional activities.

Professional engineers and geoscientists shall comply with applicable statutes, regulations and bylaws in their professional practices.

Professional engineers and geoscientists shall uphold and enhance the honour, dignity and reputation of their professions and thus the ability of the professions to serve the public interest.


And third as a board certified acupuncturist, which has further enriched my life and brought me to such astounding heights of understanding human nature. This too I am forever grateful and humbled.

The College and Association of Acupuncturists of Alberta (CAAA) code of ethics is called “CODE OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT.”

2.1 Acupuncture has been a regulated profession in Alberta since 1988. It is a privilege to be authorized to provide treatments within the specified scope of practice for the health benefits of the public. Registrants must act with integrity, honesty, respect and fairness in all dealings with patients, other registrants of their own profession, other health care providers and the public.

2.2 Registrants must comply with applicable legislation, regulation and the bylaws established by the CAAA, as well as any other applicable professional standards.

2.3 Registrants shall conduct themselves in a manner that enhances the integrity and reputation of, and inspires public confidence in the profession.

2.4 Registrants, in rendering professional services, shall not discriminate against, refuse to advise or provide treatment to patients on such grounds as age, gender, race, national or ethnic origin, or socio-economic status.

2.5 If registrants have reasonable grounds to believe that other registrants have engaged in illegal, unprofessional or unethical conduct, the registrant shall report such conduct to the CAAA or other appropriate authority.


You may also rely upon our complete discretion and confidentiality. Be reassured.

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