Concussion Answers, Because There Are Answers!
Because Concussions Are TEMPORARY!

Concussion Treatments That Are Extraordinary, Comprehensive, And Effective

Concussion Answers are hard to come by.  Hundreds of thousands of doctors can tell you that you have a concussion but VERY FEW can help you heal your concussion.

Dr. Joanny has presented her findings and her clinical experience to enthusiastic audiences at the Harvard Club of Boston, Harvard Medical School, Mount Royal University and NASDAQ. She was awarded “Healing Visionary”  for her work at Concussion Answers.

She shared the stage with  Caitlyn Jenner about concussions and the importance of nonconformity in one’s health and well being. Dr. Joanny has also shared her message on FOX, NBC, CTV, and Global TV.

Every concussion is different. That’s why cookie-cutter “treatments” don’t work. And if you’ve had more than one, then you haven’t healed the first one yet! That’s why you need the special care that you can expect at