Code of Ethics

At, Dr. Joanny Liu’s Code of Ethics comes from three sources:

First from Hippocrates who said “Do NO harm.”  This is the most important promise that any physician AND medical worker can make to their clients and public at large.

Second from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) because I cannot deny how much being an engineer has shaped my life, for which I am VERY grateful:

All entrants into the profession are required to write an ethics exam as part of the certification process. I wrote mine in the early 1980s and was a practicing Professional Engineer for 24 years before leaving the field to study Traditional Chinese Medicine.


APEGA Code of Ethics

Professional engineers and geoscientists shall recognize that professional ethics is founded upon integrity, competence, dignity and devotion to service. This concept shall guide their conduct at all times.

Professional engineers and geoscientists shall, in their areas of practice, hold paramount the health, safety and welfare of the public and have regard for the environment.

Professional engineers and geoscientists shall undertake only work that they are competent to perform by virtue of their training and experience.

Professional engineers and geoscientists shall conduct themselves with integrity, honesty, fairness and objectivity in their professional activities.

Professional engineers and geoscientists shall comply with applicable statutes, regulations and bylaws in their professional practices.

Professional engineers and geoscientists shall uphold and enhance the honour, dignity and reputation of their professions and thus the ability of the professions to serve the public interest.


And third as a board certified acupuncturist, which has further enriched my life and brought me to such astounding heights of understanding human nature. This too I am forever grateful and humbled.

The College and Association of Acupuncturists of Alberta (CAAA) code of ethics is called “CODE OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT.”

2.1 Acupuncture has been a regulated profession in Alberta since 1988. It is a privilege to be authorized to provide treatments within the specified scope of practice for the health benefits of the public. Registrants must act with integrity, honesty, respect and fairness in all dealings with patients, other registrants of their own profession, other health care providers and the public.

2.2 Registrants must comply with applicable legislation, regulation and the bylaws established by the CAAA, as well as any other applicable professional standards.

2.3 Registrants shall conduct themselves in a manner that enhances the integrity and reputation of, and inspires public confidence in the profession.

2.4 Registrants, in rendering professional services, shall not discriminate against, refuse to advise or provide treatment to patients on such grounds as age, gender, race, national or ethnic origin, or socio-economic status.

2.5 If registrants have reasonable grounds to believe that other registrants have engaged in illegal, unprofessional or unethical conduct, the registrant shall report such conduct to the CAAA or other appropriate authority.


You may also rely upon our complete discretion and confidentiality. Be reassured.

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