Answers for Concussion Treatment and Recovery

There is nothing more frightening than losing control over your life.

Nolan was playing soccer in Calgary, Alberta and marking his man on his side of the field, when unbeknownst to him, a teammate kicked the ball towards him. He was so focused on the opposition that he had NO idea that the ball was coming. He was hit hard on the right side of his head.

His teammates got him off to the sidelines, where he sat sorting things out. That’s when he realized he couldn’t see. SUDDENLY, everything changed.

He doesn’t know how long he sat there. But his eyesight finally came back.

Then he made a decision: he went back on the field!

He  didn’t feel well, but his team was short handed that day. At least some of his teammates could have a short break.

After the game, he drove home. That’s when the headaches started. He decided to stop ALL extracurricular activities. But he couldn’t stop working – he was a busy professional engineer with responsibilities.

He tried to deal with his Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS) by himself.

But after 2 weeks, he only got worse. He wasn’t sleeping or eating. He had headaches almost all the time. He was miserable and suffering.

Late one night, my phone rang. I picked it up and said, “Hello?”

Nolan said, “I’ve got a concussion. I was hit so hard in the head that I went blind!” Then he said, “Mom, I need your help!”

Let me back up a moment for some context. A few years earlier, Nolan and I were both at school. He was up in Edmonton studying engineering at the University of Alberta, while I attended Traditional Chinese Medicine School in Calgary. He called me out of the blue.

He’d just received an email from a soccer teammate, informing him of a funeral. One of their teammates had committed suicide!  That young man’s father was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Distraught from the news, he jumped in front of a moving light rail transit train and ended it all.

“Mom, why would he do that?!”

I paused a few moments, “His father’s brain tumor wasn’t the reason why he killed himself, but it was probably the last straw. Likely there were a lot of things that made him unhappy, and then this happened.”

“Nolan, I want you to know that whenever you have problems, your mom and dad are here for you. If anything is wrong, come and talk to us first. We’ll always help you. And don’t EVER give up!”

So when my son called me up that night and asked for help, of course, I said yes. Then, “You have to do everything I tell you to do.”

At Calgary Concussion Answers, we worked with each other for a few weeks and he improved right from the start. Within a few short weeks he was back at light practices. He kept improving and then he did what he usually does all winter – played indoor soccer, skiied in the Canadian Rockies, played in a pool league and he never missed a day at work.

Two months later.

He’s been Concussion Free almost 4.5 years. NO relapses. NO headaches. NO eye problems. He is the inspiration for my third and best selling book, Heal Your Concussion: How to Quickly and Effectively Get Back in the Game.

Your concussion is temporary. And it’s never too late to do something about it. The medical innovation at Calgary Concussion Answers is the difference between a life of misery and a life fully enjoyed.

You have to use your brain to heal your brain! This is applied neuroplasticity or brain plasticity. The brain is just one of two organs in your body that can regenerate. The other is the liver. But with the brain, you consciously grow it back to health.

You need comprehensive solutions that help you do that and Concussion Answers is where it happens.

Right now, concussion “treatment” in conventional sports medicine is largely non-existent. Especially anything that comes close to comprehensive treatment. Right now, doctors rely on total and complete cognitive and physical rest. But research indicates that the effect is often prolonged or worsening symptoms. Never mind the notion that doing nothing is NOT a viable concussion treatment at all!

Learn more here about the unique way we practice Chinese sports medicine.

Sport is not at fault. Concussions don’t happen to everyone who plays a sport. Just as other injuries don’t happen to every athlete. Concussions can happen to anyone, anywhere, any time.

What is missing and what you’re looking for is comprehensive treatment for your concussion and PCS for a complete recovery. Ask better questions:

What makes the brain weak in some and not others? Why do some have one and others multiple concussions? And why do many people never have to experience a concussion ever?

At Concussion Answers, Dr. Joanny Liu will help you find out exactly why your brain became weakened and then how to trigger the right type of brain plasticity that grows and repairs.

Here’s Nolan telling his concussion recovery story!