When was the last time you honestly felt well?

Confused? Headachy? Fatigued? Suffering From Anxiety Attacks That Wrack Your Mind And Body?

Tired of going from one therapist or doctor to another and another for EACH symptom? Getting inconsistent advice?

Meet me for your first consultation which is 30 minutes. The reason for this meeting is to find out if there’s a fit. We’ll be creating a very personal relationship, so you must feel comfortable working with Dr. Joanny Liu. The relationship matters. So hit the orange button below and let’s have a chat.

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There Is A BETTER Way

NO Two Concussions Are The Same. That is Why Cookie Cutter Methods Fail!

We’re very serious about this fact: Whatever caused you stress in your life prior to the concussion definitely affected your brain. And the truth is that having a concussion on top of that makes things worse.

Extraordinary concussion answers is not conventional wisdom.
ConcussionAnswers is not conventional wisdom.

What You Need Is A Step-by-step Protocol That Will Get You Back In The Game Of The Sport You Love Or Life.

We have the answers at Concussion Answers.

At Concussion Answers, We Don’t Manage Concussions.

We’re the only doctors treating PCS the way it should be done. We know why a brain gets weak. We’ll find out what happened in your unique case. Then we’ll know how to make it strong again.

Watch the testimonials by healed Concussion Answers clients who so generously and gratefully created their videos to tell you what it’s like to work with Dr. Joanny.

Nathan Deck’s Concussion Recovery Story

In a matter of a few weeks, he was back on the ice, helping to lead his team to victory. No more fear.

After helping his team move to the Premier Swedish Hockey League, Nathan Deck made another important decision. Now EVERYTHING has changed; his life has taken a direction he NEVER imagined!

Thank you for letting us help you at http://concussionanswers.com! We look forward to you MOVING forward and getting back in the game! You may also want to read about our Code of Ethics and Our Values.