When was the last time you honestly felt well?

Confused? Headachy? Fatigued? Suffering From Anxiety Attacks That Wrack Your Mind And Body?

Tired of going from one therapist or doctor to another and another for EACH symptom? Getting inconsistent advice?

Getting no results? Temporary results?

Even getting hurt by practitioners?

Failing each Return-to-Play and Return-to-Learn step?

What about Return-to-Work (NO ONE talks about that one!)

Putting plans on hold until you finally get back on track?

There’s a growing body of research with disturbing findings that conventional  concussion protocol of prolonged rest actually makes things worse.

May I also point out to you that rest is NOT a treatment but an admission that your run-of-the-mill doctor doesn’t know how to help you!

The research is there and yet your doctor won’t have enough initiative or curiosity to think that there’s GOT to be a better way!

Or maybe they’re not taking your seriously.

Dr. Joanny takes you seriously. Go here to fill out the Mini-Intake form and make an appointment for your Complimentary Initial Consultation. (Value $500 – this offer will end at any time.)

There Is A BETTER Way

NO Two Concussions Are The Same!

Which is Why Cookie Cutter Methods Fail!

Many researchers are looking only at the physical brain, but in reality that’s not where the problem is. The issues you have are psychological.  Let us assure you, you’re not crazy.

It means you’re feeling helpless and maybe even hopeless. And definitely stressed out! That’s what happens when you’re not getting answers!


Extraordinary concussion answers is not conventional wisdom.

Extraordinary concussion answers is not conventional wisdom.

What it Takes to Recover

Growing Stronger.

Getting Better.


There is NO improvement if you’re NOT getting stronger and better – you’re just where you were when the problem started.

Do you get this?

In fact you’ve probably only gotten weaker since then. BUT – it’s not too late!

You train to improve. Regardless of what you do. You realize you must be continuously learning.

Then you improve. Recovery and healing require the same thing.

What you need is a step-by-step protocol that will get you back in the game – the sport you love and miss so much or back in the game of life.

That’s what we do at Concussion Answers. We have the answers to get you back in the game.

Bronze Medal Single Injury Recovery ProgramSilver Medal New and Chronic Injury Recovery ProgramGold Medal Stay in the Game Program
4 Month Commitment1 Year Commitment3 Year Commitment
Get your BRAIN back - PRICELESSGet your brain back, get vibrant health, elevate business or career success - PRICELESSGet EVERYTHING you ever wanted out of LIFE - PRICELESS

But what type of help are you looking for? What type of doctor are you looking for?

At Concussion Answers, we don’t do band-aid care or band-aid solutions like most doctors do.

We don’t treat concussion symptoms.

We don’t manage concussions.

We look for the reasons why your brain became WEAKENED! You’ll see it too and then life isn’t a mystery any more!

The Success Mindset of Successful Concussion Recovery

We Work With Clients Who:

1. VALUE their health and well-being
2. Are Coachable. Do as I tell you and you WILL get what you want. Stop being afraid. And recover.
3. Is decisive. Do you want to recover or not? Answer that question!
4. Are open and willing to take positive constructive action
5. Are open-minded about a holistic approach (body and mind together)
6. Apply themselves to the same extent as they would to their sport, education or career – You MUST be totally committed to getting the results you want!
7. Want control over their health

The same unquenchable desire to succeed (in sport, career, relationships) is the same that is required to heal your concussion.

The same unshakeable faith that you will succeed is a requirement to proceed to the full recovery you yearn for.

Get you mojo back! Go here to fill out your Mini-intake and make your appointment for the Complimentary Initial Consultation. (Value $500 – this offer will end at any time.)

The body has millions (trillions?) of electrical currents going through it. Sometimes they get blocked. And that causes the problems you’re having.

So it’s Dr. Joanny’s job to find out WHY there’s a blockage.

(By the way, if you have other issues and concerns, please go to https://www.drjoanny.com for help!)

When she finds out WHY, she arrives at a diagnosis. This diagnosis tells you WHY. 

Then she devises a plan to unblock the “dam,” open it up, and you start healing!

We’re the only doctors anywhere treating PCS the way it should be done: effectively, efficiently and comprehensively in this Calgary sports medicine clinic.

If you’re looking for a doctor who

1. Respects your time. When you book your appointments, you’re in and you’re out ON TIME. There is NO waiting room.
2. Will explain why your brain became weakened and susceptible to injury.
3. Takes the time to listen to you and talk about your concerns in a safe setting
4. Has two-way discussions with her clients
5. Answers all your questions in plain, simple language
6. Gives you practical tools and strategies to heal your concussion and Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS)

Then Concussion Answers is definitely where you WILL get help.

However, we don’t accept just anyone as clients. We only accept those we believe we can help, who already possess the proper mindset.

Before you even step into our practice, we need to meet you to discuss some things.

If you meet the criteria above (checklist 1 to 7) and would like to speak with us personally about getting you extraordinary health results, then we will happily set aside some time for you. Here’s how the process works:

First, fill out the mini-intake form.*  The mini-intake is an IMPORTANT prerequisite for having the meeting. Please fill it out here.

We’ll have a meaningful initial conversation based on your health concerns, your goals and challenges to determine if we can help you.

At the end of the appointment you’ll have a better understanding of what you can do about it.

We will find out if there’s a fit for you and Dr. Joanny to work together to get you back in the game of your favourite sport, of your life.

*The mini-intake must be filled out when you schedule the initial consultation. If we do not receive the filled out form, the meeting will be postponed.

Second, make your appointment for a Complimentary Initial Consultation. 

This Initial Consultation is 60 minutes long.

Go here to fill out your Mini-intake and make your appointment for the Complimentary Initial Consultation. (Value $500 – this offer will end at any time.)

Nathan Deck’s Concussion Recovery Story

In a matter of a few weeks, he was back on the ice, helping to lead his team to victory. No more fear.

After helping his team move to the Premier Swedish Hockey League, Nathan Deck made another important decision. Now EVERYTHING has changed; his life has taken a direction he NEVER imagined!

Thank you for letting us help you at https://concussionanswers.com! We look forward to you MOVING forward and getting back in the game! You may also want to read about our Code of Ethics and Our Values.