9 Signs of a Hidden Brain Injury

Welcome to the 9 Signs of a Hidden Brain Injury!

Has vibrant health been elusive for you? Are things more down than up for you? Perhaps the answers are here.

You will get one of these 5 results after answering 9 simple questions:

1. Healthy brain
2. Slight brain injury
3. Moderate brain injury
4. Intermediate injury
5. Severe brain injury

A perfect score for excellent Brain Health is 0. The maximum points indicating a Severe Brain Injury is 120.

Interpreting Your Quiz Results

After you've entered your answers, you will be sent to a page that calculates your results and includes important commentary related to your score.

We'll also send you an email with your score and the explanation.

Now go ahead and quickly enter your answers. The first answer that comes to your head is the right one. The entire quiz should take one minute to complete!

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You feel drowsy or fatigued at the wrong time of the day.


Do you have any trouble sleeping, including falling, staying asleep or sleepless?


You feel angry, frustrated, resentful, sad, overwhelmed - but don’t know why.


You feel anxious or worried - but don’t know why.


Do you have direction or purpose in your life?


You have a lot of headaches but nothing seems to relieve them.


You have the flu but it doesn’t get better in 3 or 4 days.


How often do you feel confused?


You are focused and stay on task.