Remove Negativity

Remove negativity by doing this instead:

“Create a perfect, immaculate, impeccable, integrated, balanced, honest, innocent, beautiful mind… The reward for the relentless pursuit of this goal is freedom from ALL kinds of bondage: self doubt, shame, guilt, depression, worry and anxiety, frustration, anger, rage, hate, fear of failure, fear of inadequacy, false pride.”

~ Colin Hillstrom, from The Everlasting Secret.

Remove negativity. The only way out from out of this is to use our minds, in the most constructive way possible. Because it is TRUE that what we think is what we get.

Thoughts lead to our feelings/emotions. Which lead to our actions, which create the results that we get. And that’s how you know where your thoughts are most of the time, by the results you get.

By the way things turn out in your life.

So, time to change things up, if you REALLY want your life to change. The only way to do it is to replace your current pattern of thinking. You do that via repetition.  Because you remove negativity.

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The one and only thing that all great leaders throughout the ages agreed on, was that we are what we think,, that we create the life we want by what we think most of the time about.

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