Success Stories In My Clients’ Words

Three Concussions in Less Than Nine Months

Four Concussions In Five Years

After going through the usual resting period as advised by his doctors, which didn't result in a full recovery, Nathan Deck took his brain health into his own hands. That's because the team doctors didn't know what else to do. He researched the web, and that's how he found me, in my Youtube channel.

Over a few weeks, he began to feel a lot better. He made a full recovery and returned to the active roster of his Swedish hockey team, Mora IK of the HockeyAlisvenskan.   Back in good form, as the assistant captain, he helped lead his team to a major championship which sent them back to the Premier League of Hockey in Sweden after three seasons.

Why was this important? It meant 30X more of everything. The rewards were great.

Everything was on the line and they had to beat a pain-in-the-butt nemesis, who wouldn't let go, until now!

Nathan surprised his teammates and his coaches by his return to full playing form in just a few weeks because they expected him to go home and take more than a year to recover just like the last time!

But he beat his own estimate for recovery when he returned to full contact hockey in just a couple of months. Concussionanswers has the answers.

Nathan came back to Canada healthy and raring to make further positive constructive changes in his life. All the credit goes to this young man in his recovery, because he knew that what we do at https://Concussion Answers was miles apart from what everyone else was saying and (NOT) doing. Most importantly, he GREW and advanced as a person, stronger: mentally, emotionally and physically - and that's why the physical symptoms went away. He was so kind to do another video for me when he got back to Canada.

Thank you, Nathan Deck, for your generous and kind words about us at Concussion Answers!

Severe Concussion Blinded Him!

I never thought my first concussion client would be my own grown son, Nolan.

I'd already developed a healing process for the many clients who came to me for sundry concerns, including worry and anxiety, weight loss, stress, other sports injuries and even cancer. But Sidney Crosby's concussion took a full 2 years to recover, with at least 2 relapses in between. I was mortified. AND that his doctors in the end really didn't know what to do!

There is nothing more frightening than losing control over your life.

Nolan was playing soccer in Calgary, Alberta and marking his man on his side of the field, when unbeknownst to him, a teammate kicked the ball towards him. He was so focused on the opposition that he had NO idea that the ball was coming.

He was hit hard on the right side of his head. His teammates got him off to the sidelines, where he sat sorting things out. That’s when he realized he couldn’t see.

SUDDENLY, everything changed.

He doesn’t know how long he sat there. But his eyesight finally came back. Then he made a decision: he went back on the field! He didn’t feel well, but his team was short handed that day, so that some of his teammates could have a short break.

After the game, he drove home. That’s when the headaches started.

He decided to stop ALL extracurricular activities. But he couldn’t stop working – he was a busy professional engineer with responsibilities. He tried to deal with his Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS) by himself. But after 2 weeks, he only got worse. He wasn’t sleeping or eating. He had headaches almost all the time. And he was miserable and suffering. And knew it!

Late one night, my phone rang. I picked it up and said, “Hello?” Nolan said, “I’ve got a concussion. I was hit so hard in the head that I went blind!” Then he said, “Mom, I need your help!”

At Calgary Concussion Answers, we worked with each other for a few weeks and he improved right from the start. Within a few short weeks he was back at light practices. He kept improving and then he did what he usually does all winter – played indoor soccer, skiied the Canadian Rockies, played in a pool league and he never missed a day at work. Bottom line, we know how to help you at