Chinese Sports Medicine

At Concussion Answers, Chinese sports medicine is unique because we combine sports psychology for healing as well as for high performance.

It’s important to realize that your psychological state is the reason, the root cause, of an injury.  It is also the key to recovery.

Life seems like such a mystery to people. It doesn’t help that so many important aspects of your life are neglected with ordinary sports medicine. For instance, because of the disease care paradigm that is so prevalent these days, that it is only important what the doctor can see.

That’s why medical doctors have such a HARD time helping you with your concussion (mild traumatic brain injury.) Psychiatry is under siege in some circles these days. Many medical doctors don’t particularly respect what psychiatrists are trying to do. On the other

Chinese sports medicine for concussion answers for treatment and recovery
Chinese sports medicine for concussion answers for treatment and recovery

hand much of the blame has to come from psychiatrists. Their solutions most often involve the prescription of drugs, which have some dangerous psychological side effects. So they’re still dealing with the physical aspect of the brain.

Why not deal with you, the person? 

We have a unique but extremely effective approach, called the Whole Brain Approach (TM). You have to deal with all parts of the brain or the results are temporary or non-existent or takes a VERY long time to get better.

In the Chinese sports medicine that we practice, it is very important that we get to know you well. This requires a lengthy but detailed intake. In fact, this is the only “testing” we do. We don’t need anything else except your answers to our questions. We will ask many. From that we get a detailed well rounded picture of what life looks like to you.

From there we get a physical profile as well as psychological one. Don’t worry.  You’re not crazy. But you are distressed by events in your life.

There could be a major event that you find difficult to shake off or you’ve got issues that have bothered you for years and they seem to reappear every now or then. You see, the brain is an emotional organ. It’s looking for ways to keep you safe but it could mean that you are afraid of something happening.

That;s why worry and anxiety attacks seem more pronounced in those who are already susceptible to these emotions. But you can learn to be strong – first psychologically and then physically.

Healing your brain requires taking steps to make changes to your attitude towards life. It requires replacing harmful thoughts with positive constructive ones.

Over and over, the brand of Chinese sports medicine that we practice at Concussion Answers has been shown to help you change your brain and recover from a concussion. Change the way you think and you will heal your concussion.

The thing is, a concussion is not a life sentence. You can also heal even though you’ve had more than one or even several. It’s never too late to get the right concussion answers for treatment and recovery.

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